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Interest-Free Solar Panel Systems at Your Homes in Easy Monthly Installments

Meezan Interest-Free Solar Panel System

Meezan Bank has begun offering benefits to its customers according to Sharia. Their solar panel financing program ensures renewable energy access with payable plans and reasonable prices. Electricity bills from installation will be reduced to 50 %. Further, you can install solar panels without interest packs because this system is in line with the Shariah.

Balance solar homeowners are perfect for producing their source of electricity. Extra power generated by net metering is also sold back to national electricity, resulting in the environment being clean.

Their solar panel provides you with a cheaper and more accessible way to invest in renewable energy as well as saves your electricity bills with Balance Bank your easy payment projects are competitive You will have access to expert guidance to help with pricing and in this process.

Eligibility Criteria

Salaried Individual (Permanent Job)

  • Nationality: The person who is applying for it is a Pakistani and a permanent resident and has a national identity card.
  • Age of applicant: The minimum age must be 20 years and the maximum age should be 60 years to apply to this program.
  • Age of co-applicant: Maximum 75 years.
  • Employment status: Must be permanent.
  • Income: Minimum salary should be one lakh.
  • Job Tenure: Be a constant job for at least two years.
  • Tax payee: One-year tax recipient should be with NTN number.
  • References: Will require at least two certificates.
  • Account in Meezan Bank: If the applicant’s balance is currently no account in the bank, it will be opened for a financing offer.

Product Details

This solar panel prize, Specification, and all of the information about it are as follows.

Costs Involved

Type of Charges Chargers
Processing Charges PKR 5,000 + FED
Documentation charges At Actual
Late payment charges Nil
Meezan Energy Partner survey charges At Actual (if any)
Can be terminated anytime by paying remaining installments
STR Fee PKR 1,000

You can register from this Ehsaas Rashan Prohttps://8171alert.pkehsaas-rashan-budget/gram

How to Apply

  • To apply for your request you have to go to the nearest balance bank branch, plus you can get all the information by calling the following helpline.
  • 111-331-331/111-331-332
  • Get a quotation from Solarjee Partner with Mizan Bank
  • Submit a copy of the CNIC signed application form with a copy of the sophisticated power bill
  • You will be given a form form you can also get through the bank and download online too
  • After the form is filled, you have to submit it to your nearest balance bank branch.
Application form

Interest-free solar panels On This Independence Day

Meezan Bank has given an opportunity to people to install in easy installments on the occasion of Independence Day. If you want to install a solar panel system at your home, contact your nearest Meezan Bank branch where you will be provided solar panels in easy installments without any interest.

Meezan Solar Required Documents

General Documents

  1. Property ownership proof
  2. Current electricity bill
  3. Properly fill out the application form
  4. Copy of valid CNIC
  5. Photographs (1)
  6. Signature verification form
  7. Declaration of financing
  8. A valid quotation from Meezan Bank’s authorized Solar Vendor.

Salaried Applicants

  1. Latest pay slip
  2. Employment letter
  3. DOJ proof
  4. Employment status proof
  5. 6 months’ bank statement
  6. Audited financials and letters from the company, if the applicant is a paid director

Self-employed businessman applicants

  1. Sole Proprietorship
    a. NTN
    b. Bank proprietorship letter
    c. Tax returns
  2. Partnership
    a. Partnership deed (latest and previous all, if any)
    b. Certificate of the registrar of firms, if registered firm.
    c. 6 months bank statement (of the firm or the applicant partner)
  3. Limited Companies
    a. Memorandum of Articles
    b. Association of Articles
    c. Certificate of Incorporation
    d. Latest Form-A
    e. Latest Form-29
    f. Audited Financials
    g. 6 months bank statement (of the company or the applicant director).

Pensioner Applicants

  1. Copy of pension book/certificate showing pension (must be issued from AGPR or
    the provincial office of accountant general)
  2. 6 months’ bank statements reflecting net pension credited to the account.

Final Words

The solar system has gained a lot of popularity in Pakistan because of the solar system there are many people who have expanded their business as the solar system is also used in factories etc and also in your own homes.  You can also use the solar system because of which you can get rid of high bills and you don’t have to face any kind of problem.  

You also have to face shedding and along with it, you have to face problems due to high bills so install solar systems in your homes and get rid of electricity bills and load shedding.

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