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Join Pak Navy As PN Cadet New Vacancies - 25 May 2023

Join the Pak Navy As PN Cadet

Join Pak Navy has recently announced recruitment for PN Cadet 2024 B Term. This is the best opportunity to join the PN Cadet Pak Navy in the Permanent Commission. Applicants interested in joining as PN Late can register at before June 4, 2024

Pakistan’s navy is one of the world’s best naval forces. Pakistan Navy recruits for various induction programs every year. PN Cadet Matriculation is the best opportunity for eligible people.

The PN cadet training period is two years; he will be given Rs 44,000 during training. After completing a two-year training, candidates will be promoted to the post of Sub Lieutenant. Candidates for the highest position must continue their struggle and education to reach the highest position in the Pakistan Navy.

Join Pak Navy As PN Cadet New Vacancies - 25 May 2023

Eligibility Criteria Join Pak Navy

In order to apply for this recruit, you must meet the following criteria.

  • Martial Status: Unmarried
  • Age: 17-21 Years
  • Height: 5 Fit 4 Inches Minimum
  • Last Date: 4 June 2023

Educational Criteria for Join Pak Navy Online Registration 2024

In order to join the Pak Navy, candidates must pass the following articles with FSC or FA Levels with at least seven perception numbers.

  • Physics, mathematics, and chemistry
  • Computer, Math, and Physics
  • Physics, Maths, and Statistics
  • Candidates who did o/a Level must have submitted Equivalency Certificates.

Candidates who have passed the FSC Part One with at least 65 % marks and are participating in Part Two exams can also apply based on a circuit of hope.

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Benefits of Joining www Join Pak Navy

  • Free medical treatment for your family, parents, and self
  • Get housing or house rental allowance
  • 50 % discount for yourself and your family on railway and airline tickets
  • Assistance for children’s education in professional institutions and English medium schools

Pak Navy Selection Procedure for PN Cadet

  • The selection process and the test interview schedule will include the following steps.
  • Admission Test will be notified by SMS via relevant PNR and CS
  • Eating computer will be on the following titles
  • Examination of intelligence
  • The academic examination will include general knowledge of physics English and mathematical articles.
  • The enrollment test date will be told to each individual through PNR Recovery and Selection Center.
  • The results of the i-test will be announced on the completion of each candidate.
  • The results of IJ& candidates present in PNR and CS Muzaffarabad will be announced on a website in Pakistan.
  • Eligible candidates will be called for a test interview in ISSB
  • ISSB’s proposed candidate will undergo a medical examination at Karbi CMH Naval Hospital.

How to Apply in Pak Navy

To join the Pak Navy, you must go to the Pakistan Navy’s official website, where you will be given an online registration form if this form is not given there. Remember that the deadline for joining this Earth is June 4, 2024

New Update 2024

You are informed that this job has expired so if you are looking for another job then you will be provided all the information on our website how you can search for the job and you will be given all the information about which job you are suitable for, you just have to write your education and experience and you will end your job search and you will be provided with a list of jobs.

اپ کو بتایا جاتا ہے کہ اس نوکری کی تاریخ ختم ہو چکی ہے لہذا اگر اپ کسی اور نوکری کی تلاش میں ہیں تو اپ کو تمام تر معلومات ہماری ویب سائٹ پر فراہم کی جائے گی کہ اپ کس طرح نوکری کی تلاش کر سکتے ہیں اور اپ کو تمام تر معلومات دی جائے گی کہ اپ کون سی نوکری پر پورا اترتے ہیں اپ نے صرف اپنی تعلیم اور تجربہ لکھنا ہوگا اور اپ کو نوکری کے تلاش ختم کر دی جائے گی اور اپ کو نوکریوں کی ایک لسٹ فراہم کر دی جائے گی

Important Note

You can not apply for this job; there are other similar jobs. You can apply for this job, and the dots are uploaded on our website; not every new day is the job uploaded. You can find the job that suits you and apply for it. Here is how you will apply for your job. You will be told whether you are eligible or not.

All the information, but now I can’t view the application for this job. It’s expired if you apply, then your application will not be processed, and you will face problems later. We don’t want you to face the problem of getting any wrong information please check all your information carefully.

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