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PM Free Woman Employment Course through NAVTTC From 1st April 2024

PM Free Woman Employment Course

PM Free Woman Employment Course The Prime Minister of Pakistan has launched courses to prepare women very well. These courses will help women earn money sitting at home. This program has been started to empower women who are educated and do not want to work. Under this program, women will be taught digital courses and empowered to earn money These courses are completely free and their fees are kept as low as nine for literate women Those who have an education and want to earn something at home, how to earn, they can easily join this program.

Women are being offered free online courses under important part-minute skill courses. Their duration will be between three months to six months. These courses are being conducted to improve the economy of the country and to eliminate Google. After completing these courses, women will be able to earn good money from their homes. In today’s administrative era, online skills are a must. With online honors, you can earn monthly money from home.

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Start of Online Admissions

  • Development of the country’s economy, increase in foreign exchange reserves,
  • eradication of poverty along with the social and economic development of women
  • And start your journey of self-reliance through
  • Yemen Empower Minute Skill Courses
  • Will be helpful in their training

Eligiabilty Criteria

PM Free Woman Employment Course through NAVTTC From 1st April 2024

There are some eligibility criteria to join this program if you meet them then you will get admission in these courses your education should be at least middle and you should have got a position You have further education or you have received an education, your family situation is not good and either of your parents whose poverty level is less than 60% can be included if you are a close and eligible relative. If you have, you can join the program
You must be above 18 years of age You must not have completed a course from this institution You must be interested in online business You must have some knowledge about online work

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How Many Seats Available In Course

There are some seats reserved in the program, based on which you should register yourself, if you want to register in this program, then register as soon as possible. At least five hundred seats are reserved in this program. Which is very rare. Many people want to join the program like this Who want to get full details about registration but they are not given any kind of information

Here you will get an online Registration form in which you have to click on the form to register, a page will open in front of you and you have to enter the complete details in it. You have to enter your complete information and racer, after that, you will get a confirmation message that your registration process has started and you will start getting a lot of money. For more information and details, visit our website. You can see complete information on whether you are included in the program or not

How To Apply Online

if you want to register yourself in this program, then you will get the registration information on the official website of Pakistan, which has been created at the request of the Prime Minister of Pakistan. You have to give your information in the form. You have to fill in all the information about yourself that will be asked for you exactly, after that, you will be informed that your registration has been completed and you will be informed how long your registration will be completed.

And regarding how long you will be enrolled in it and how long you can access the free courses, complete information and details will also be given to you there and in this article also you will be given full details. How can you register?

Final Words

The purpose of this article is to inform people who have been waiting for free courses to start, how to get paid for free courses and how to access them. Ways to earn line How to up is told in this article Complete details are told up in this article How you can access free courses and how to get free courses The purpose of giving complete information in simple words is that you know the complete details so that when you apply, you do not face any problem and you can easily do it all.

For more information and details, visit our website. can And here you will be provided with complete information in simple words which is explained to you

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